A letter appears before you, sending you over to the Ossyria continent, where a peaceful area known as the Abrup Basin lie hidden away in the snowy El Nath region. You are immediately greeted by the sight of Kaftafell Village being laid waste upon, engulfed in a roaring blaze of destruction.

Together alongside the legion of Knights of Apinath, you eliminate the immediate threat of monsters and save any remaining villagers. With a deadly blizzard fast approaching and Kaftafell Village lay in a heap of ruins, the village survivors decided to migrate to another village, braving dangers and trials along the way.

However as you arrived in the village of Svarti, the village chief turns you away, and now dilemma begins to spread among the survivors.

Will you help the survivors of Kaftafell village get through this ordeal?

Tensions rise between the migrants of Kaftafell village and the inhabitants of Svarti village. The chiefs of their respective villages are on the verge of constant argument with regards to the survival options available.

Leaving the Svarti Village in the hands of the Knights of Apinath, you venture out to seek the one who sent you the letter, eventually leading you to the discovery of a large walled village, Skuas, seemingly well defended from the threats of the outside world.

As you attempt to explore further, a sudden emergence of monsters marching towards Svarti Village turns things into a desperate situation.

Will you be able to alert the villagers in time?

You were ambushed while on the way back to Svarti, and only regained consciousness later, where you realized that the villagers of Svarti have begun to flee, heading towards Skuas. The Knights of Apinath remained to hold the monsters back, allowing the villagers ample time to make their escape.

Upon arrival in Skuas you learn about the origins of these monsters and the current situation that everyone is placed in. Racing against time, the combined strength of the survivors and villagers of Skuas decided to stand their ground once and for all, to combat against the approaching legion of monsters.

The battle leads you into a final confrontation against the pack leader, where the lives of the villagers will be determined by the outcome.

Will you be able to emerge victorious?